Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super Exciting and Awesome News!

I have some pretty awesome news I want to share (or shout!) to all of you. Excuse all the exclamations that will be used in the post. Excitement abounds!!

I am thrilled to announce that I have an agent! Can I say that again? I have an agent!! And a REALLY AWESOME one at that!!~

I have signed with Agent Fury!

No, no, no, sillies. Not that Fury. This one!

(See? Much prettier and she has an awesome accent too!)

Mrs. Louise Fury works with the L. Perkins Agency! Check out her twitter and her website! I'm ecstatic to be working with her and believe that we are an awesome fit!

So, how did it happen??

Well, honestly it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for twitter. This is only part of why I am a HUGE fan of writers getting out there and being active on sites like twitter, community websites, blogs, ect. 

One night, Louise posted on twitter about wanting a sci-fi manuscript with spaceships. (A friend also forward this tweet to me in case I missed it. Writer friends are awesome.) Naturally, I tweeted back saying I had such a manuscript and asked if I could query Mrs. Fury (she was closed to queries then). She said yes, and off I sent it! 

After some waiting and much nail biting, she requested the full! So after even more nail biting and some tentative excitement and a bit more waiting, Louise emailed me asking if we could talk on the phone! She mentioned she was interested in doing revisions on my manuscript if I would be open to them and we could discuss her ideas then. 

The day for our phone call came and I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was!!

 I was worried my nerves would make me talk too fast or mumble or I'd drop the phone. And at this point I had no idea if she would offer me representation or just wanted to feel me out about revisions. Of course, I hoped an offer would happen, but I didn't want to hold my breath either. 

I don't know why I was so nervous though. Louise was great to talk to and her ideas were terrific! I became so excited about how I could improve my story that I started brainstorming as soon as our call ended. 

But before it ended, Louise offered me representation!! In all honestly I thought I was just hearing what I wanted to at first. She even repeated it later and all I could think was 'Is this real?' I think all I said was 'Okay' several times because I was so happy and shocked. 

Seriously, afterwords I was afraid I hadn't sounded excited at all when really inside was was SQUEEING like a thirteen year old whose first crush just noticed her. 

In fact, I was so excited that when I ran upstairs to tell my husband I *may* have fallen UP the stairs!

(And my hubby may have found this more hilarious than concerning)

After responding to other agents that had my manuscript and waiting a week, I was delighted to respond back to Louise accepting her offer. I felt right away that her ideas for my story were great and that we meshed really well. 


Here is me, being a nerd and taking a picture signing the contract!

And in other news, if you lovely followers didn't already know, I have MORE wonderful stuff to share!!
I am also expecting my first baby! (This is in no way any less exciting, I've just already shared this news with the internet on most of my sites already!) SO LOTS OF  YAAYYYYS AND MORE SQUEEEING! :)