Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Catching Up!

How was everyone's holidays?! I've been super busy with family in and out of town since Thanksgiving, but it's been so great to see them! Now all my out-of-town family is gone and real work starts back up tomorrow. Which is good and bad. 

"Bad" because, ya know, I have to get up at a regular time every morning again and since I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'morning person' this not something I'm looking forward to. I have very much enjoyed sleeping in and (yes, and) taking naps during this break. 

It's good though because it gets me back on a regular schedule! You'd think I'd get more writing done when I don't have to work also, but it's actually the opposite for me--at least during my winter break when the hubby is off work too. (YAY!) And since he travels a lot right now, I'm greedy about spending time with him when I can. And then there's those family functions to do that come with the holidays. :) So I end up busy/distracted/lazy on my winter break. 

But now I'm excited to get back to writing. I love the WiP I'm working on and can't wait to finish it. (Almost there!) 

What about you guys? If you get breaks from work, do you tend to spend more or less time writing than normal? (Personally, since I work at a school, I can't wait for summer! I get to sleep in and have much more time where I usually get quite a bit of writing done!)

Anyway, hope you all had a great holiday and that you have an awesome 2013!! 

And if you didn't know, ALTERED by Jennifer Rush came out today! Pick it up and you won't be disappointed! I loved this book. It's full of HotSmartDangerousBoys and action and intrigue and awesomeness. So check it out! And check out Jen on twitter (@Jenn_Rush). She's a pretty awesome person and super talented in SO MANY ways! So, start your new year off with a good book! What are you waiting for? :)

(Just look at that cover!)