Friday, August 31, 2012

GUTGAA Meet & Greet!

GUTGAA is Gearing Up To Get An Agent! You can learn more about it here! But in general it's a pretty awesome opportunity and contest for writers! Check it out, lovelies!

Today is the Meet and Greet part! And here are my answers to the questions they posted for us to do!

-Where do you write?
Now that I have my desk set-up again, I usually write there. Otherwise, occasionally at on my couch or bed.

-Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
My husband's desk.

-Favorite time to write?
Whenever I have time alone.

-Drink of choice while writing?
Mountain Dew or Coke (caffeine!)

-When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
Music! Usually with headphones. (Lately it's been just Mumford & Sons, Manchester Orchestra, and Of Monsters & Men on repeat! But I have had specific playlists for MSs before)

-What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
My job. I work with kids with autism and my new manuscript is about a girl with a younger brother that has autism.

-What's your most valuable writing tip?
Make sure to have at least one (or a few!) crit partner that meshes well with you. Someone that can push you to keep writing even when it's hard and will help and encourage you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Write On Con Wrap-up

I know I'm a bit late for doing a wrap-up on WriteOnCon since it was last week, but I have valid reasons! I promise! (I was really sick. And my summer break ended. I'm back at the real job again)

Last week, WriteOnCon started. It's a *free* online writing conference, with forums for you to post your work, little workshops, and PLENTY of events. Plus, secret agents (known as ninja agents) go through the forums and request things they might like! What's not to love about this conference, really?! And if you didn't join this year, no worries! They plan to have it next year as well!

I was super excited for WriteOnCon this year. Before the conference actually started, they opened the forums to writers so we could post our work and get feedback from each other. I totally did this. And it was great. I put up my last finished manuscript along with my current work in progress (a contemporary). I put up my query letter, first 25o words, and 1st five pages for each work and got a ton of encouragement and feedback. (Usually, if you're nice and comment/help someone else, they'll return the favor). Also, if an ninja agents wants to, they can comment with their own advice as well. I got one of those for each of my works as well.

And because of this feedback, I fixed/reworked/improved my queries and first pages. I think they're a lot stronger, and I wouldn't have been able to do that or really realize what needed help without the eyes of those people that were seeing my work fresh and new. I've said before how much I think it's necessary to have a really good critique partner or two (or more) that you connect with and can work well with, but sometimes you also need someone new to look at your work. Sometimes it's those people that see what you and your CPs can't because you've all become too close the the work.

Aside from the forum feedback, there were a lot of events with agents and editors and authors giving advice or doing critiques/pitches/ect. I couldn't follow along with a lot of these (here's one of my reasons for my wrap-up being so late) because I ended up getting pretty sick the NIGHT BEFORE the conference. Sucky timing! I ended up going to the hospital and basically sleeping through the conference. I think I checked the forums obsessively anytime I was awake, but I couldn't follow the events they had. (Luckily, you can catch up and read/watch some of them! Follow my WriteOnCon link at the top of this post!). I've been slowly going through and reading the articles and watching some of the videos. LOTS of great advice for writers!

So, all in all? WriteOnCon was amazing and you should definitely join in on the fun next year if you're a writer! I might have come out of it with a couple requests for my MS! They were surprise requests too! (to me at least lol) because they were for my Work in Progress (the contemp). At the most, I was expecting to get just some feedback from other writers. Instead, I got two requests for it and one comment from a ninja agent on there that just really touched me. It was a the kind of comment that was so uplifting that it makes me want to *always* strive in my writing to live up to it. And now, I'm gonna go write some more! Gotta finish this WiP!

WriteOnCon was amazing and so, so many wonderful people made it that way.