Monday, April 30, 2012

Editing, Obstacles, and When I'm Not Writing

Man, I've been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't posted much besides a few contests, have I? Sorry about that, guys. The reason is, mostly, because of edits.

I have been doing edits and edits and edits and more edits. Whenever I wasn't working, that's what I was doing. For the most part. And now I'm done them! Yay! It's pretty nice to be able to step back and calm down with my writing for a bit (especially since I'm moving soon and need that time to pack and all). Next comes querying. I may have already sent a couple out, but that's a post for another time. (Querying is scary.)

Anyway, so there's this obstacle course run that I'm going to be doing next month called Warrior Dash. It's 3 miles with lots of stuff besides just running. Like fire hurdles, mud and barb wire crawls, balancing stuff, and a lot more. I fully expect to be near death by the end of it.

No, not really. But preparing for this obstacle course and finishing edits got me thinking. Editing is a lot like this course, with obstacles you have to overcome.

Sometimes, it's going under all that writing and finding out what you really want to say in a particular paragraph or chapter or sentence. You have to dig deep and cut out the extra unnecessary words that just bog down the writing.

Other times, it's climbing over your own ideas that *this* section is perfect and, of course, it *can't* be changed. If you're a writer, you might know what I'm talking about. There's always at least one part in a MS of mine where I just LOVE it so much...except, it holds no value to the story. Maybe it's the prose or the structure or the little story in that section that makes me want to keep it. But it really doesn't help the overall story. It's *only* in there because I love it so much. So I have to climb over that idea that it's perfect and that it *must* stay. Because, guess what? I've learned that nothing is permanent in editing/revisions. If it makes your story stronger to take out that section then do it. Save that little piece for yourself in an excerpts document or something, but work toward making your story as strong as it can be. Even if it means sacrificing certain sections.

Editing isn't easy. It's not an overnight, simple fix. (Oh man, I wish it were!) It takes hard work and lots of time. But when you're done, it's awesome. I'm rereading my MS right now after edits (again) because I love it, and I love seeing the changes that have made my story stronger.

Next step, querying. And that's another obstacle that's probably harder than all the others in the writing process. But yeah, I know I'll end up talking about that one later on...

And just for fun...Some of you might know that I'm also part of a collaborative blog over at Tangled Up in Words. These last couple weeks, we had tons of guest authors over there telling us why they write, but to end the segment up, us Tangled girls decided to tell all of you what we do when we aren't a vlog. So, if you wanna see it, here it is. (It's my first vlog! I always feel silly when I see myself on video. I'm only in it a little bit b/c I didn't take much video. I had to use my phone b/c my webcam has decided it doesn't like me.)

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