Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shiny New Ideas

Have you ever been writing a story that you loved, that you've dedicated hours upon hours to, and then out of nowhere gotten an idea for a completely different story? Oh, Shiny New Idea. How I love and hate you.

I used to tell my writer friends how this never happened to me. I'd focus so much on the manuscript I was working on that I didn't have time to think about new ideas for other stories that *might* write later on.

Until this last month when a brand new idea hit me out of nowhere. And I was stuck. I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to just forget this idea but I still LOVE the manuscript that I'm working on now. So what to do?

I have friends that will put their WiP to the side for a while and write everything they can on this new idea while it's fresh in their mind then go back to their other WiP. But this doesn't work for me. Because I don't want to set my current work on to the side. Have I mentioned I love this one? I mean, I love every one story I write (at least at the time I'm writing them) but this one I'm really really enjoying writing, even on the hard days. So that option doesn't work for me.

I also have friends that will push the new idea to the back of their mind until they're done with whatever they're working on. This doesn't work for me either because I have a terrible memory sometimes and I'd probably forget all my ideas for this new story.

So, what I did (and what some of my other friends do) is write all my ideas down for this new story. Everything I can think of--plot points, scenes, character description, ect.--gets put in it's own notebook and then set aside. (If I end up with more ideas for the story later on then they get put in that nice little notebook too.) This way works best for me. I'm able to keep my ideas for this new story without neglecting my current work.

So, for any writers out there? What do you do? Which way works best for you, or do you have your own completely different way to deal with the Shiny New Idea?

Also, Yay! to Erinberry for winning Five Flavors of Dumb! Congrats!

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