Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Books and Birthdays!

So guess what?! Last weekend was my birthday! (Yay!) It was awesome. My twin sister (who lives in another state) got to come visit so we got to spend our birthday together. It was lots of fun, but on top of that I also got to attend a book launch party for Jessica Spotswood and her novel Born Wicked!

Look at all those books! <3

Hanging out with some awesome writer friends (too bad I didn't get pictures of everyone else)

Jessica signing some of her books!

So the party and last weekend were amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! In other news, I'm getting closer to finishing my MS! I hit 60k the other day and it's so exciting to start tying everything in and wrapping the story up!~


  1. Happy Birthday, Christina!!! That's pretty awesome to get to attend a launch party, having your twin visit AND being so far along on your MS [60K words is real dedication!] ... hope you also had time for birthday cake n' ice cream tee hee ;D

  2. We had ice cream cake actually! So good. I'm not a huge fan of regular cake so ice cream cake is the way to go for me! <3