Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: The Pledge


In the violent country of Ludania, the language you speak determines what class you are, and there are harsh punishments if you forget your place—looking a member of a higher class in the eye can result in immediate execution. Seventeen-year-old Charlaina (Charlie for short) can understand all languages, a dangerous ability she’s been hiding her whole life. Her only place of release is the drug-filled underground club scene, where people go to shake off the oppressive rules of the world they live in. There, she meets a beautiful and mysterious boy who speaks a language she’s never heard, and her secret is almost exposed. Through a series of violent upheavals, it becomes clear that Charlie herself is the key to forcing out the oppressive power structure of her kingdom….


The idea of this story was so interesting--a world separated into different class systems based on what language(s) they are allowed to speak--and it did not disappoint. I really liked this book!

Charlie (Charlaina) is an interesting character. She's strong, caring, and loyal while stuck in an oppressive society. I really enjoyed her as the protagonist and rooted and cheered for her the whole time. And then there's Max. Oh, I lurrvvv him. I don't want to talk too much about him and spoil his story but I'm confident that if you read this novel, you'll love him too! (Oh his note to Charlie!)

So yes, this is another recommended read! This story had great pacing and several very nice twists. One in particular that I didn't see coming at all but I loved it! This book was wonderfully and beautifully written and I can't wait for the next one! So check out The Pledge when it comes out on November 15, 2011!

ps-how gorgeous is this cover?! I love it.

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