Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Wildefire


Every flame begins with a spark.

Ashline Wilde is having a rough sophomore year. She’s struggling to find her place as the only Polynesian girl in school, her boyfriend just cheated on her, and now her runaway sister, Eve, has decided to barge back into her life. When Eve’s violent behavior escalates and she does the unthinkable, Ash transfers to a remote private school nestled in California’s redwoods, hoping to put the tragedy behind her. But her fresh start at Blackwood Academy doesn’t go as planned. Just as Ash is beginning to enjoy the perks of her new school—being captain of the tennis team, a steamy romance with a hot, local park ranger—Ash discovers that a group of gods and goddesses have mysteriously enrolled at Blackwood…and she’s one of them. To make matters worse, Eve has resurfaced to haunt Ash, and she’s got some strange abilities of her own. With a war between the gods looming over campus, Ash must master the new fire smoldering within before she clashes with her sister one more time… And when warm and cold fronts collide, there’s guaranteed to be a storm.


Karsten Knight did an amazing job with Wildefire. Right from the beginning I was hooked. I couldn't put it down.

I loved Ash. She was snarky, fun, strong, and a bit rough and I wouldn't have wanted to see a teen volcano goddess done any other way! The other characters were just as wonderful too. I loved the group she's kinda thrown together with. They were all unique and can I say I loved that there was an Egyptian girl too. (Yup, not only am I a nerd b/c I'm obsessed with books but I also really like Egyptian mythology as well.) I really enjoyed how all of them interacted and the twists thrown with them. Not to mention, the dialogue they all have, especially Ash. It was funny and witty. I was laughing so much while reading this book. I think I'd reread it just for those parts again.

The layout of the book is kinda crazy. No regular chapters here. There are different sections that intertwine really well. I've never read another book with this kind of layout and with this type of tense switching but the way it was done just pulled me into this story even more. The sections are kinda long but I didn't really notice the lengths of them all that much because the pacing was amazing. Lots of action but not too much that it overrode the story (a creative and rich story, I might add). I think I read this book in a day because I couldn't put it down. I didn't want to stop cause I had to know how it ended! And OH! that ending! It was like a punch to the stomach that I loved. Weird right? Well, you'll have to go read it to see what I mean! Wildefire comes out July 26,, soon!!

But in the meantime, I made a little teaser (it's pretty short) for Wildefire because I loved it so much (and I love stop animation too).

(Warning: I'm like the world's worst person when it comes to technology, soooo I couldn't do any editing which means no I hope you still like it and hope it makes you want to read Wildefire even more!)

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(really wish I could have put music to it...but, oh well....)

(Am I over-using my parentheses again?)


  1. I love the teaser! Awesome job!

  2. I can't wait to read this book! BTW nice teaser, there's no way I could ever do that.