Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer, wishes, and more!

Hello, lovely readers! How are you all doing? How are your summers going so far? Lots of stuff happening with me lately. Fun stuff and other things.

How about a list to show you what I've been up to. Complete with illustrations! Yay! (warning: lots of YAY!'s in this post)

1. School is out and now I'm on break just like my little students! YAY! (However, I'm teaching summer school and unfortunately that means my break is only about a week and a half)
2. Because of summer break, I've been able to do a couple things. Like hang out with some uber awesome writer friends. Danielle, my CP, came down from MA to visit and also introduced me to her writery friend, Patricia. We toured D.C. and such. This is us right before we threw pennies in the fountain and made a wish on the "author" side of the fountain! (Order: Danielle, Me, Patricia)
3. I've also been able to read TONS of awesome books with the extra time. YAY! I love it!
4. I've started watching one of my lil students as a part time job for over the summer and he likes this show called Oobi and It. Is. Strange.


5. I've done hours of plotting on my new WIP. I mean HOURS! Exhausting. But good and necessary. (not a pic of my plotting board but you get the idea)

6. And because of all the plotting...I can now start actually writing!! Daunting but still YAY! So what about you guys? What have you all been up to? Anything fun? Hope so!

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  1. 1. It's cool that you've had time to read so many books, but call your sister some time!

    2. That show seriously.looks.creepy. Weird.

    3. Yay for your new WIP, but again, take time to call your sister! I miss you :)