Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Memento Nora


Nora, the popular girl and happy consumer, witnesses a horrific bombing on a shopping trip with her mother. In Nora’s near-future world, terrorism is so commonplace that she can pop one little white pill to forget and go on like nothing ever happened. However, when Nora makes her first trip to a Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic, she learns what her mother, a frequent forgetter, has been frequently forgetting. Nora secretly spits out the pill and holds on to her memories. The memory of the bombing as well as her mother’s secret and her budding awareness of the world outside her little clique make it increasingly difficult for Nora to cope. She turns to two new friends, each with their own reasons to remember, and together they share their experiences with their classmates through an underground comic. They soon learn, though, they can’t get away with remembering.


This book has three main characters and alternates in their POVs. I really thought that each of the personalities distinct. I felt like Angie Smibert also did really well writing differently between the girls and the boy main characters.

In a world where a simple pill can make all your bad memories go away, the three kids work together to remember their own stories and uncover the truth about their world. I liked how in the book they used a comic to tell their stories. I thought this book had a good storyline and plot and, without giving away spoilers, the ending was not what I was expecting and leaves me satisfied but also wondering about the three kids.

I also thought that all the background information for the world and characters was added in nicely without overloading the reader with an 'info dump' So pick up this book when it comes out on April 1st for a good, quick read!


  1. I got to read an ARC of this also and loved it!

  2. This sounds really good. Thanks for the review!

  3. I'm really looking forward to reading Memento Nora.

  4. Memento Nora is one of my favorite books this year. I'm glad to see all the positive reviews.