Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Launch of the Godspeed!

(isn't that header so pretty? Jeremy West was awesome creative with making it!)

Wow guys, Penguin is going all out for Across the Universe by Beth Revis (and no wonder since the book was so great!) They supported Beth and helped get swag for her EPIC contest that she had. They made an awesome book trailer. They gave the first chapter for you to read online. AND NOW they have launched a fun interacted website where they had their splashpage with the AtU countdown. This was a secret project that Penguin Teen did and now it's being "launched" today!! (Like the ship Godspeed in AtU!)

You guys need to check this out! It's pretty awesome. You can see each level of the ship Godspeed individually with even more detail and you can read little blurbs about each part. I loved the details they put into making the ship! You definitely need to see it. Go see it here: Across the Universe Website (ps-they also have awesome downloads [desktop backgrounds, avatars, ect.] that you can grab! Just check out the "select operation" menu bar!)

Also, tak a look at this too! A new video interview with Beth, pretty cool!

And if you haven't seen it already, here's the book trailer.

Are you guys drooling yet? ;) No? Well maybe this special teaser will make that happen! io9 has an exclusive excerpt of the first 111 pages that will be live from 11:11 am (Easter time zone) to 11:11 pm. Don't you love all the uniformity with the ones? My slight OCD side does! Anyway, here's the link to see that.

The book comes out TODAY (1.11.11) so head to your local library or bookstore and see what it's all about and don't forget to check out my review on AtU if you haven't already~

More links for even more Across the Universe fun!


  1. It was a great book. If you go down a few posts, I'm hosting a giveaway for a signed copy! You can enter and maybe win it free if you want! :)