Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iron Fey (My contest entry)

Julie Kagawa who wrote the Iron Fey series (which is wonderful by the way, you should read the books) is doing a contest for the upcoming release of Iron Queen (squee! Can't wait for it!) Anyway, her contest is for anything creative! So I decided to paint since I haven't in forever and here is my entry. ( Eek! Be nice please ;p ) It's an acrylic painting. There is a little bit of a flash from the camera on the painting. Boo. But, eh what can ya do about that. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy, I know I at least had fun painting it!

(click on the picture for a larger image that shows the details a little better, if you want!)


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I especially love the eyes and the snowflakes. Thanks for entering, and good luck! :)

  2. Thanks so much! And good luck to everyone else entered too! There are so many wonderfully creative entries~

  3. very pretty! I love her hair, you did a great job! =)