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YAspooktacular Story 2: A Soul Laid Bare, Part 11

It's time for Part 11 of A Soul Laid Bare! But first, YAspooktacular rules and information for those that have missed it!
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And now for the next spooooky installment of A Soul Laid Bare!
Part 11 written by Amber Skye! (You can check out her blog here)

Sami figured that with Jareth around, her practical protector and savior, and a bunch of other party-goers, she'd be able to hide safely from the crazy trio that included Mr. Cooper, Rosie, and Dylan. Or she assumed they were all crazy. She had no idea what they were anymore.

Sami weaved in between the party-goers, Jareth in tow, and made her way toward the kitchen where she knew a stash of booze waited. She needed some, just a little alcohol, to clear the haze infecting her mind. Jareth didn't protest, only followed her because he wanted the necklace she was none too willing to give up.

She pressed her way between the booze, sweat-scented bodies, and threw herself into the kitchen. The lock to the liquor cabin was broken. Somebody had probably brought a pair of bolt cutters. Sami doubt Alex did it. Too much of a goody-good, even though this party could totally get her in trouble.

"Here, drink some," Sami said, thrusting a can of a Bud Light in Jareth's hands.

Jareth looked at it, scrunching his face. "I need that necklace of yours."

"Drink and you can have it."

Sami wanted to see if she could get Jareth drunk and pull some answers out of him. Mr. Cooper—if it was him—wanted her body, and she wanted to know why. Since Jareth knew this little fact, then he had to know why.

Sami popped open her can and took a swig. She watched Jareth mulling over the can, as if he had no idea how to do it. "Ever drink before?"

"Has a terrible scent," he said.

"Yeah, the shit's awful, but there's a reason people drink through the awful taste, and I totally think you should give it a try."

He was about to put his lips to the beer can, when several loud screams erupted from the main party room.

Sami dropped her can. "What the hell's going on?"

Jareth held out his hand. "Give me your necklace. Now.

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