Saturday, October 23, 2010

YAspooktacular-Darkness Part 9

So for those of you following the YAspooktacular event of awesomeness, Part 9 of Darkness is now up! It's the part that I got to write, so check it out!

But first, in case you missed the beginning, lovely readers, then here are Parts 1-8 with direct links for you all!

YAspooktacular story 1: Darkness

Part 1- (this one has a Treat!)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4- (this one has a Trick!)
Part 5- (this one has a Treat!)
Part 6- (this one has a Trick!)
Part 7- (this one has a Treat!)
Part 8

And now you can go read the section I wrote (Part 9) over at Books and Makeup by Michelle and Leslie! Make sure you check out the rest of their awesome blog along the way!

And don't forget to comment on each part for a chance to enter the grand prize for this story! Trick or Treats are optional but a fun way to win more entries and prizes!

Also, go read story two, A Soul Laid Bare! Link to the first part is on the side bar and tomorrow I will be posting part 11 to that story here on my blog!

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  1. Your part of the story was amazing! Why is your work not published yet?! ;)