Monday, August 30, 2010

Who's excited?

Who's excited about tomorrow?! Oh, oh! I am! I am!

Well, if I'm being completely honest I'm half dreading it and half excited over it. Dreading, you ask? Yes, but not because of any awesome book related stuff. Unfortunately, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Why? Oh, just because I broke my tooth over the weekend, that's all. I went in today and now have to go back tomorrow to get a crown or something (and probably a couple more visits after that. YUCK!) I've never had a crown before! What am I to expect at this next visit?! (I have an amazingly large and irrational fear of the lie. I almost cried when I got the numbing shot and needles aren't a problem for me, just being there is. Believe me! I've got an enormous tattoo as proof that I don't mind needles, but anything in my mouth and all of a sudden I'm a trembling little

On to the good stuff! YAY!

Tomorrow one lucky comment-er (yes, I think I just made that up) will win a copy of Firelight by Sophie Jordan and will get it mailed to them on the day it comes out! So, lovely readers, if you haven't already entered then just comment below on the Firelight post a couple down!

Also, more awesome news!! Kiersten White's debut YA novel Paranormalcy comes out tomorrow! Along with Gena Showalter's Unraveled which is the sequel to Intertwined. I've been eagerly, EAGERLY! anticipating these two books! So check them out when you can! I know I will.

What books that are coming out are you guys anxious to get your hands on?

This is my tooth. Boo...


  1. CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare comes out tomorrow too! *dies*

    Sorry about your tooth. :(

  2. OooOooh. I need to read that too! Also, I really need to get on the ball with editing!!! Aargh! Seriously. Work and my painful tooth have distracted me. (not to mention finally getting around to reading Mockingjay!!!! Just got the part III) But I will get editing done! Probably after second dentist appt. tomorrow.

  3. I'm seriously going to have a stack of books after tomorrow that will just be waiting for me to read them. How will I choose which one to read first?! And Betrayed by Gillian Shields has been sitting on my shelf for a couple weeks now just calling my name! (Also, still need to read the Mortal Instrument series. Haven't yet! Probably won't for a while too. Sad.) I did read Infinite Days though and it was awesome! Can't wait for the sequel! Thanks so much for that!

  4. Heck yes! Thanks for winning. hahahaha. I love Infinite Days!

    And don't worry. I know you will get things done. I understand what it's like to do SO much.

    Yes, you have much to read.