Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have I mentioned...

Edit: Now I have the picture in color thanks to photoshop. Here's both!

Have I mentioned I loved the book Wings by Aprilynne Pike? I decided to do some more book related art so here is my picture of Laurel from Wings.[click pic to enlarge] :) Anyway, go get the book and read it if you haven't yet! The sequel is Spells and I promise you'll love that one too!

What about you guys? Ever made art for a book or wanted to see art for some? If so, what ones?

(p.s.-scanners never really due justice to sketched art :( oh well)


  1. I think when we were born, you got all the skills....painting, drawing, writing, etc. Where are mine at? Thief. ....At least, I got the good looks ;)

  2. oohhhh....hate to tell you but,...I got that too. *shrug* what can you do? ;p

    p.s.-your pretty handy with some art supplies and a camera too, if I recall correctly!

  3. I love your art! It would make a really neat tattoo!

    I found your website from twitter (#askagent) and thought it was funny that you work with special needs kids too! Well...not funny haha, but funny coincidental. I too am an aspiring author, and I work with special needs kids as a speech pathologist! :)

    I hope you find both of your endeavors as rewarding as I do! Feel free to visit my blog too. :)

  4. you can say it..funny haha too. lol j/k. thanks so much about liking my art!Good luck to you and your writing as well!
    Speech pathologists rock! I work w/ kids w/autism and behavioral issues.