Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey All!

Ahhh what a busy day I've had today! Between real work with my students and non-work related work, (i.e.-my Manuscript) I feel like I've been working all day-and night-long! But before I head off to bed with a good book and then doze off way too late again, I wanted to say a quick hello. *Hello!*

So yeah, what else have I been doing with my time for almost two weeks now? Well, a lot of it has been book-related. Last week I spent a lot of my time working on my WIP (Work In Progress) and this week I've been editing my MS (Manuscript) one more time and rewriting another, hopefully better ;) ,query letter for agents. Oh and I've spent more hours than I can even count getting a list of agents together for me to possibly send letters to about my MS. Along with that, I've been reading and editing some of a friend's story and of course reading! A lot!

I just finished up reading the Dark Power Series (The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning) by Kelley Armstrong. I'm not gonna go into a whole review for all of them but suffice it to say I really liked the series and can't wait for more of her work. I liked how her characters, even in the description of their appearances weren't completely perfect. The story and the dynamics between the characters were fun and intriguing. If you're a fan of paranormal take a look at them. I can't wait to see what else Kelley Armstrong comes out with along these lines. Also another book I just finished up last night with was Siren by Tracia Rayburn and I can't wait until the sequel comes out but I have no idea when that will be. But yeah, it's another great book. Mystery with the hint of otherworld and a dash of romance. Great.

Anyway, hope you all are off to the start of another great week and I'll be back on soon with another real review or maybe a short story if I can work it into my schedule soon. Dunno though, crazy couple weeks coming up for me. Now, off to read before bed. I've got work in the morning and then a CPR/First Aid class to get to in the evening! Night all!


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