Friday, July 23, 2010

Excitement Galore.

Haha! I return victorious and able to save your life now! Yes, you!

So yeah, I did the CPR class and now I'm certified in CPR/First Aid and AED (auto external defibrillator) But, let's still hope I'll never actually have to use this knowledge b/c let's face, that would still be a scary situation to be in.

In other news...I'm completely ecstatic and excited b/c I've got my first critique partner now! It was all pretty random and thanks to twitter, but yeah, I'm pretty excited about it (have I said that yet?) and I think it's gonna be pretty awesome.

Oohhhh more fun stuff....I making an art/craft/fun project relating to Carrie Ryan's books about zombies. Good reads if you haven't devoured them yet like I did. Warning though, you may end up dreaming about being attack by zombies, becoming a zombie, or watching your friends turn into zombies before coming after you if you read the books late an night like I did! Anyway, I'm happy about how it's turning out so far and will post a picture up when I'm done with it!

So for now, goodnight and I'm going back to my WIP b/c yes, let's face it, this post was all part of a procrastination attempt in regards to my WIP. Good news though, I did get almost 900 words written tonight. Now off to finish the other 100 I promised myself I'd get done before it gets any later!

Why yes, yes this is creepy, zombie-esque, mangled, disturbing and bloodied Christina. (it's some of sketch of mine from my high school days. Lol)

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