Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Story: Depthless Blue

So, I wanted to use this blog to write reviews and also post some short stories as I write them. This is really my first short story and I just wrote it tonight. So...if anyone actually ever reads this blog besides me, feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks for taking the time to view my page and I hope you like it.

Also, a great song to listen to while you read this would be Open Water by Thrice on their Alchemy Index Vol. II Water album.

Depthless Blue

A cool, salty breeze blew off the water and caressed my face as if trying to comfort my loneliness with its touch. The vastness of the dark sky and the emptiness of the beach only added to that loneliness.

I stared out at the immense ocean before me. Waves crashed angrily onto the shore before sloshing sadly around my feet, soaking my ragged sneakers.

Angry. Sad. Was I just projecting my own emotions onto what could have been a soothing and calm scene?

What was I doing here anyway? Running away from my problems? No. No, I came here hoping for the quiet comfort that the ocean always gave me, but tonight the peace that I sought felt just beyond my reach. I was grasping at the wisps of previous dreams now. I stood up to leave. A scattering of sand fell to the ground like my broken dreams falling away from me.

I turned to leave just as a sweet song hit my ears. I searched the beach for the source of the music. Beautiful notes cascaded off the breeze and blended into an enchanting tune, leaving a calmness in its wake.

My gaze shifted out to the ocean—to the beautiful voice and its melody that was wrapping itself around me in an intimate embrace.

A woman floated, all alone, in the dark water. Her sweet voice floated over the surf, beckoning me closer.

She was the most amazing creature I had ever seen. Her creamy, alabaster skin shone luminously in the pale moonlight as her dark eyes sparkled like the stars above. Long hair, the color of the ocean itself, hung to her curves in an enticing way.

The air around me hummed in a gentle anticipation as her voice drifted to silence.

“Come,” she whispered on the waves before taking up her song again.

Mesmerized by her haunting melody, I followed her. I stepped into the water, heedless of the cold that wrapped around my ankles, my calves, and my thighs, until I was waist deep and standing next to her. The cold water swelled around me, pulling me closer to her. I willingly gave in to it as she took my hand.

Her hand was as soft as velvet and sat lightly in my own rough and callused palm. With an ethereal grace she lifted her other hand and gently brush away a stray lock of hair that had fallen into my eyes. Her touch lingered on my face until she was cupping my cheek, her fingers playing against the coarse hairs across my jaw.

She looked up at me with a hypnotizing smile that hinted at secrets. Her obsidian eyes grew larger as she leaned in closer to me. She placed her perfectly crimson lips on top of my own. They felt like liquid satin as they conformed to mine. I wrapped my arm around her small waist and drew her closer to me as the kiss lingered on. Something feather-soft wrapped around my legs as she gently broke the kiss. Through the shadowy waters I could see a tail of frightening beauty. The deep sapphire shade perfectly matched her hair. I looked up and stared in disbelief into eyes as dark as midnight.

“Come,” she whispered again. “I’ll take away your pain.” Her voice floated around me, tempting me to listen. There wasn’t room for questions as I stared at the magnificence that was this creature of myth.

In a trance I followed after her as she guided me deeper into the dark ocean. She swam with an elegance I had never witnessed before while she continued her captivating song.

I struggled to keep up with her, eager to feel the touch of her lips again. I fought through the thick currents that swirled around me and swam deeper and deeper into the ocean, the lure of her song becoming stronger.

Finally, she stopped. In the middle of the depthless blue she turned to me and smiled.

She glided closer to me, ending her song. Eagerness thrummed throughout my body as she took my hand in hers again. I dipped my head down, letting our lips meet.

Her mouth moved in whispers as I kissed her. “I’ll take away your pain,” she murmured under my touch before deepening the kiss.

She sank into the water, tugging me down with her until there was nothing but heated kisses and icy water. Deeper and deeper she dove. Salty water stung my throat and I choked down mouthfuls between the sweetness that was the brush of her lips against mine.

But my lungs burned and I fought to breathe as she drew me further into the depths. Her arms wrapped around me and the seductive greeting of our lips persisted. I couldn’t bring myself to pull away from her, not even to save myself. I thirsted for her kisses more than I desired the air that my lungs rebelled for.

My limbs grew heavy and I swore my lungs would burst, but I didn’t care. I’d gladly give her my life for just one more kiss.

She pulled away, separating me completely from the magic that was her touch.

“Forever, I’ll keep you,” she whispered through the waters, “without pain.”

I drifted down, farther away from her. She stared at me and smiled. And even as death loomed around the corner, I grieved the loss of her touch and not my life. I fought to reach her again, but my body disobeyed and I continued to float away.

A haze of darkness lurked around my eyes as my unresponsive body hit the sea floor. I gazed around at my watery tomb. Surrounding me were the bleached ivory treasures of her previous conquests; half-buried skeletons of men that had once tasted the same tempting kisses I still yearned for. My eyes settled back on her before the shadows of death finally took hold of me. A smile that reflected her own played on my lips as my last trace of consciousness drifted away and darkness engulfed me completely.


  1. I absolutely love your writing. I so easily get sucked into the detail. You paint beautiful pictures with your words.

  2. Thank you so much! Hopefully I'll have another one up by the beginning of next week :)